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New way of Camping!



Short introduction

This summer, the only Bubble Hotel (Mullihotell) in Baltic Countries, is located in Pärnumaa, Saarde Parish. Bubble Hotel is a partly transparent bubbleshaped tent, which keeps its shape thanks to the air that is being constantly blown into it. It is a unique opportunity to spend a night enjoying pure nature and starry sky straight from a bed. Come and visit us, an experience is guaranteed!

Package Price Info
Workday (Sunday – Thursday) 99€ The price includes one unforgettable night in the bubble and breakfast for two persons.
Weekend (Friday, Saturday) 119€ The price includes one memorable night in the bubble and breakfast for two persons.

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Important information:

·  The prices are for one night only and  include breakfast and washing facilities.

·  Any specific requests for breakfast have to be notified at least 48 h before your arrival.

·  When decided to stay in the bubble for two nights, you will receive a 20% discount for the second night.

·   Check – in at 5 pm

·  Check – out at 12 pm

NB! If the forecast will show wind more than 15 m/s for the day of your arrival, your booking will be cancelled and down payment returned in full or the date of your stay will be changed according to your request and our availability. We apologies for the inconveniences.

NB! Pets, smoking and any other object that might harm the bubble are not allowed. Smoking and open fire is also not allowed near the bubble.

NB! With each client there will be a written contract signed upon arrival that any damages to the bubble or the interior in any way should be paid to the service provider in its double value, that includes the bubble itself.


Conditions and Down Payment

After submitting your reservation you will receive a letter with our general terms. Special requests will be agreed with each client separately.

·  If there is more than two months till your arrival, the down payment is 25% of the full price.

·  If there is less than two months but more than 1 month till your arrival, the down payment is 50% of the full price.

·  If there is 1 month or less till your arrival, the stay should be prepaid.

·  In case of cancellation you should notify us at least 10 days before your expected arrival to have 100% return on your down payment. If the notification period will be shorter, you will receive back 80% of your down payment.

·  Your down payment will not be returned to you at all if you fail to notify us and do not show up.



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